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I recently read Dickens' novel Great Expectations. It's about a little boy named "Pip" who is poor and uneducated, but fortunately his friends are all the same. To them, it's nothing, life is just what it is. However, once Pip learns that he has a "great future", he starts to get restless. He was ashamed of being in the company of his comrades, and he was even ashamed of self-harm. His "future" is clearly in "danger" of destroying him.

Thinking about myself, when my grades are average, I treat my classmates friendly. When the grades are good, it becomes utilitarian. I can never see the kindness of the people around me. What I have in my heart is only the ranking. Treating my classmates is not a kind help, but looks down and dislikes. So it gradually fell. Only when I came to uncle did I have the opportunity to know that grades are not the only thing. More important than grades is quality, which is the kindness of a child. When I was young, I always heard the teacher say that quality is more important, but it was just a talk. The school didn't have the time, and the teacher didn't have the energy to work on morals. I belong to a free-range family, play everywhere, and have a very happy childhood, but I have not received any education, I have not heard the noble stories of the ancients, and I do not know what specific benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and faith are. It was only when I came to uncle that I really began to receive education and know how to be a person. Competing for fame and fortune is the end, happiness and kindness are the foundation. This is precisely what he lacks the most and needs the most. It's a pleasure to meet a real education. Blindfolded by grades, nurturing utilitarian children is what kind of education!


Summer is here and it's hot. The trees are lush and lush. It's very hot outside today. After eating at noon, the sky began to darken, and there was a lot of water vapor. It's going to rain, and finally, the coolness of summer is coming! Listening to the whistling wind outside, I thought to myself, it's going down soon. Unexpectedly, my sister started shouting, it's raining, move chairs into the house! Looking out the window, it turned out that the rain had already come with the wind, and it was rushing down. It was pouring rain. The rain was blown by the wind like a white sandstorm and swept in. The leaves on the old tree curled up one by one, like little bells swaying by the wind. The rain hit the windows, and the outside looked like a green oil painting. The summer rain came and went quickly, and in a while, it returned to its former calm.

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