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      Dear parents and students Welcome to the website of Feidu Education (now Cambridge Academy)! First of all, we are glad to have you visit our website, so as to have this lucky relation with you. Because the website is still under construction, and being built by our students in their spare time, the progress is a little slow. At present, only sections such as Admission, News, Articles, and Gallery are available on the website. We will try to complete the rest content as quickly as possible, so please forgive us for any shortcomings. For more information, please contact us. We have our contact information at the bottom of the homepage. Enjoy your browsing! 

       各位家長與同學:您好,歡迎登陸劍橋中學網站!首先,很高興您登陸我們的網站,因此與您有這樣一個緣分。由於本網站還在建設當中,並且是由劍橋中學的學生在課餘時間建設,所以進度稍顯緩慢。目前只開通了《Admission 招生》《News 學生最新動態》裡的《News 學生的新聞》《Ariticles 學生的文章》《Gallery 學生的照片/視頻》欄目,其餘內容我們會盡快補充完善,所以不足之處敬請各位諒解。如想了解更多內容,請聯繫我們。在主頁的下方有我們的聯繫方式。祝您瀏覽愉快!

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