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winter solstice冬至

冬至 12月21日是冬至,和以往一样我们要包饺子吃。不过和以往不同的是,这次我们用的不是超市买的冷冻饺子皮,而是叔叔亲手用面粉现擀出来的新鲜饺子皮。包的时候不像冷冻饺子皮那样需要在旁边放一碗水,也不用担心饺子皮会粘不上或裂开。最重要的是煮出来的饺子非常美味,口感舒适,不像冷冻饺子皮那样有一种生硬的感觉。虽然那天我们没有像以往那样一人包上百个饺子,不过大家无疑享受了一次最棒的冬至饺子宴。



winter solstice

December 21st is the winter solstice, and we will make dumplings as usual. However, what is different from the past is that this time we are not using frozen dumpling wrappers bought in the supermarket, but fresh dumpling wrappers rolled out by my uncle himself with flour. When wrapping, you don’t need to put a bowl of water next to it like frozen dumpling wrappers, and you don’t have to worry about the dumpling wrappers not sticking or cracking. The most important thing is that the boiled dumplings are very delicious and have a comfortable texture, unlike frozen dumpling skins that have a hard feeling. Although we didn't make hundreds of dumplings per person that day like before, everyone undoubtedly enjoyed the best winter solstice dumpling feast.

One Notes of Reading Micro Thatched Cottage

Recently we read an article from the notes of Yuewei Thatched Cottage, which said that in ancient times, Duke Leiyang raised several sheep. One day a sheep stood up and danced like a human. People thought it was unlucky and wanted to kill the sheep. Lei Yanggong said: "How can a sheep dance? There must be some spiritual thing relying on it. The stone said to Wei Yu, a Jin man, "Hasn't "Zuo Zhuan" explained it clearly? If the disaster is over What is the benefit of killing this sheep? If the disaster does not happen, it will be a warning from ghosts and gods. I only have to deepen my moral cultivation, how can I kill the sheep?" , In the end, the official came to a verdict, and nothing happened. Just like in some stories we have heard before, some people sacrificed animals by killing animals in order to avoid disasters. This is like if we make a mistake and face the consequences and punishments, instead of reflecting on ourselves, we still try to pull others into the water, and avoid our own consequences by pushing others, harming others and benefiting ourselves. In fact, in the Four Lessons of Liaofan that my uncle showed us, it is very clear that improving one's moral cultivation and doing more good deeds is the best way to accumulate merit for oneself. Although we cannot directly encounter such a thing, the principle is the same. We should pay attention to reflect on ourselves, improve ourselves, and manage ourselves well in normal times, instead of thinking about letting others do it and bear it whenever we have something.

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