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Why do good books have to be read more than once 为什么好书一定要多读几遍




Reading a good book is like communicating with a great person. In reality, it is not easy to communicate with a great person directly, but there is a way to communicate with a great person anytime, anywhere, and that is reading.

Reading a good book will bring us many things, the first is strength, reading a good book will help us gain our inner strength, so that we can move forward bravely. The second is the method. A good book can give us many effective methods, so that the goal is no longer illusory. Third, the accumulation of knowledge and the improvement of the level. When we read more and think more, we will understand and understand more and more content, and our cognition and vision will also be improved. The last one is a reminder. This is very important. Our society is full of temptations. People get caught up in it and forget their ideals and goals. Reading good books can act as a reminder and let us wake up and continue to improve. Own.

As I started to read really seriously, I became more and more aware of how important reading a good book is to a person's future and life! I will continue to work hard to make reading good books a lifelong habit of mine.






To Alice:

16 years old, what a good time, full of youth, pure and simple, it is the time when you are full of infinite expectations for the future, 16 years old is also the age when you should learn to change and start to find the true meaning of life. Perhaps, we will inevitably experience some pain in our growth, but like the rainbow after the rain, the transformed butterfly, after all, all the efforts will be rewarded. Your future self will always thank yourself now.

I sincerely wish you a happy day, everything goes well, and happy birthday!

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