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Visit the salmon reflux參觀三文魚回流的感受



Every year in Toronto from early September to late October (early November), salmon leave the cold waters and begin their journey upstream, traversing the rivers and creeks of the Toronto area to their spawning grounds and multiplying. A year later, the newly born salmon begins to swim to the sea, and it takes almost three years. In the fourth year, these born salmon will die after migrating to the place where they were born to reproduce.

This Friday the school organized students to visit the Salmon Refuge. When I got to the mouth of the river, I saw salmon rushing upstream. The river was very fast. They couldn't stop to eat, so they could only go upstream because as soon as they stopped, they would be washed back by the river. Going down the river, I found a lot of dead salmon on the way, some of which were pulled to the river bank for roe. It was really sad to see those dead salmon, they just wanted to go back to where they were born and give birth to their babies. In the middle, not only have to bear the pressure of various aspects, but also bear the capture of human beings. Thinking of this, and thinking about those salmon on the table, it's really hard to swallow. I sincerely hope that humans will not hunt and kill migrating salmon. Like humans, they just want to bring their children into this world.


A magical thing happened to our boys here recently during the move. Once I just walked out of the gate, I saw a lot of birds gathering at the gate, and a lot of small squirrels, also approaching us from time to time. Thinking about these small animals, we have all fed them. I have never seen so many small animals in this period of time. After thinking about it carefully, I realized. The little animals should have known that we were leaving this place, so they came to say goodbye to us. After I understood the result of this incident, I was really moved. If I could, I really wanted these little animals to stay by my side and accompany them all the time.

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