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富人与乞丐 The Rich Man And The Beggar












The rich man who was in the sun met a beggar. The rich man sympathized with the beggar and asked him why he didn't go to work?

Beggar asked: Why work?

The rich man said: Because you can make a lot of money.

The beggar said: What about then?

The rich man said: After that, you can buy a house and a car. When you want to take a vacation, you can come on vacation, just like I am now.

The beggar said: Am I not on vacation now?

The rich man was speechless.

At first glance, the beggar that everyone may feel at first sounds like it is very reasonable. The life they pursue can be freely and comfortable to bask in the sun. Then why do we have to spend time like a rich man to work hard, like a beggar, like a beggar. "Lying flat" is not good, anyway, the final result is the same.

But this is not the case. We can't understand this way. Maybe it looks the same on the surface, but how can the essence be the same!

Think about it. When the sun went down the mountain, the rich man packed up and returned to the Sea View Hotel, ate the superior seafood with his family, then soaked in the hot spring, and finally fell asleep in the warm and soft big bed. And beggars, because the sun delayed begging, he could only return to the cold and dilapidated bridge cave without money without money.

People always want to obtain it, but this world does not run like this. Only by paying can it be rewarded. Living with a beggar's thinking, then this person is destined to have a good interest in this life. Instead of longing for unrealistic fantasies, it is better to work hard to achieve your dreams.

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