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The little black cat 小黑猫


这是一只纯黑的品种猫,毛发很长,使它的样子看起来圆圆的,十分可爱。在它的圆脸盘上有一双黄色的圆眼睛。一天早上,姐姐发现它蹲坐在后院的平台上。于是拿了一个猫罐头,放了出去。小黑猫也不胆怯,马上来到罐头前吃了起来。姐姐看到它尾巴上挂着几片枯叶,猜想它是不是一只流浪的小猫。叔叔看到“小黑”很快就吃完了一个小罐头,让我们再给它喂一个罐头。这次姐姐用一个托盘上盛着猫罐头里的肉,放到了小黑的身边。小黑很亲近人,在它吃的时候,姐姐蹲在离它很近的地方陪着它,它也不害怕。叔叔对它说,要是它连续三天来到后院,我们就收养它。小黑吃饱了,要离开的时候还跟我们致了致意,打了个招呼。第二天,我们没见到小黑。第三天中午,小黑又来了,叔叔发现它看起来比之前强壮了许多。它将我们喂出去的猫罐头吃了一大半。叔叔做出了判断,小黑原来应该是一只家养的猫,后来被抛弃了。过了两个小时,小黑又来了,这次圆圆的它紧贴着后院的玻璃门蹲着。看到它蹲的这么近,我十分高兴,于是放了一盘猫粮出去。小黑吃完后,站起来看了看我,看到我向它挥手再见后,它便走了。第四天中午,因为我们有事要外出,所以姐姐就放了一个猫罐头在院子里。在回来的路上,我们透过叔叔手机上显示的前门监控画面,发现了小黑。叔叔说小黑真聪明,在后院等了很久没看到人,就找到前门来了。 “说好的让我进去,怎么没看见人呢?” 到了第五天中午,姐姐就将猫罐头放到了院子里。我在值日洗碗时,不时的看向院子里,希望能见到小黑。可到了五点,放出去的猫罐头还是没有被吃掉。晚上,叔叔看后院监控录像时发现六点多时小黑来了,待了二十多分钟。叔叔有些懊悔,说我们有点失信了,小黑信守了承诺,而我们却没有做到。 第六天,我们终于又见到了小黑,大家都非常高兴。叔叔走出去到院子里对小黑说“小黑,来,咱们进家吧”。我感觉小黑听到“家”字时身体一震,这正是它期待已久的话语。小黑还是有些害怕,不让人抱。于是叔叔说,现在天冷了,我们用纸箱子在院子里给它做个窝,等它住几天,就把它抱进来,到医院去做个检查,就收养它。


This week, we met a little black cat who often came to begging in the backyard.

This is a pure black variety of cats, with long hair, making it look round and very cute. There is a pair of yellow eyes on its round face. One morning, my sister found it squatting on the platform of the backyard. So I took a cat canned food and put it out. The little black cat was not timid, and immediately came to the cans to eat. Sister saw a few dead leaves hanging on its tail, guessing if it was a wandering kitten. Uncle saw "Little Hei" and soon finished a small can, let us feed it another can. This time, my sister put on the meat in canned cats on a tray and put it beside Xiao Hei. Xiao Hei is very close to others. When he ate, his sister squatted at a place close to it to accompany it, and it was not afraid. Uncle told it that if it came to the backyard for three consecutive days, we adopted it. Xiao Hei was full, and when he was leaving, he tried to care for us and greeted him. The next day, we didn't see Xiao Hei. At noon on the third day, Xiao Hei came again, and uncle found that it looked much stronger than before. It ate more than half of the canned cats we fed. Uncle made a judgment that Xiao Hei should have been a family -raised cat and was later abandoned. After two hours, Xiao Hei came again. This time it was close to the glass door of the backyard. I was very happy to see it squatting so close, so I put a plate of cat food out. After Xiao Hei finished eating, he stood up and looked at me. After seeing me waved and seeing it, it left. At noon on the fourth day, because we had something to go out, my sister put a canned cat in the yard. On the way back, we found Xiao Hei through the front door monitoring screen displayed on the uncle's mobile phone. Uncle said that Xiao Hei was smart, and after waiting for a long time in the backyard, he found the front door. "Let me go in, why didn't I see anyone?" On the fifth day of the fifth day, my sister put the canned cat in the yard. When I washed the dishes on duty, I looked at the yard from time to time, hoping to see Xiao Hei. But at five o'clock, the owl that was released was still not eaten. In the evening, uncle found that it was more than six o'clock in the backyard monitoring video, staying for more than 20 minutes. Uncle regretted that we were a little lost, and Xiao Heixin kept his promise, but we did not do it. On the sixth day, we finally saw Xiao Hei, and everyone was very happy. Uncle went out to the yard to say "Xiao Hei, come, let's go home." I felt that Xiao Hei was shocked when he heard the word "home", which was the long -awaited words. Xiao Hei is still a little scared and not let people hold it. So uncle said that it is cold now, and we use a carton to make a nest in the yard. When we live for a few days, we will take it in, go to the hospital for an examination, and adopt it.

Seeing Xiao Hei again, my heart was finally solid. I look forward to we can adopt it quickly.

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