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The importance of self-control force 自控力的重要性

最近我在读一本叫做⟪自控力⟫的书。作者凯利说,每当她提到自己在讲授一门关于意志力的课程时,人们的反应几乎千篇一律:“哦,这正是我需要的。” 随着时代的发展,科技的进步,我们的生活变得更加便捷,但同时更多的诱惑也随之而来。人们也比以往任何时候都更关注意志力,也更需要意志力。每个人的生活都要靠自己掌控,因此我们就要有一定的自控力,也就是说,自控力决定了一个人的活法,有什么样的自控力,就有什么样的生活。如果不务正业,生活必定放荡不羁;如果自由散漫,生活必定散乱无章;如果喜好虚荣,生活必定既疲惫又不踏实……成功精彩的人生都不是演绎出来的,那是自我掌控的结果。希望大家也可以读一下⟪自控力⟫这本书,也许你能从中找到美好人生的密码!

Recently I am reading a book called The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It. Life has become more convenient, but at the same time more temptation is followed. People also pay more attention to willpower than ever, and they need willpower more. Everyone's life must be controlled by ourselves, so we must have a certain self -control, that is, self -control determines a person's living law, what kind of self -control force, what kind of life is there. If you do n’t do business, life must be unruly; if you are free and scattered, your life must be scattered; if you like vanity, life must be exhausted and unreliable ... Successful and wonderful life is not interpreted, it is the result of self -control. I hope you can also read the book, maybe you can find the password of a good life!

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