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Thanksgiving Day 感恩节





The fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving in the United States, and it is also a day when Americans gather together.

Thanksgiving was the first feast hosted by the Puritans to thank the Indians for the help, because without the help of the Indian people, they could not survive in the first year. Later people evolved into today's Thanksgiving to commemorate this touching feast.

In fact, whether it is a foreign festival in China, the festival itself is not important. What is important is that everyone attaches great importance to gratitude and understanding. Since ancient times, China has the ancient training of "the grace of dripping the water" and "knowing that the grace is not reported not to be a gentleman". In our lives, we should not only respect our parents and respect the teachers from the heart, but we should also be grateful for those who have helped themselves.

Thanksgiving is the basic moral norm that everyone should have. It is the minimum cultivation of people. People who do not be grateful or unwilling to be grateful are impossible to be happy and successful.

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