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Recently, I went to another basketball court. The people here are much better than the ones we met before, which also changed our playing style a lot. We used to always want to rely on our physical advantages to score goals, but the opponents in the new court are very good at playing. It is not so easy to win even if you have a physical advantage. Only then did I realize that playing basketball also requires brains. In the past few weeks, we have been continuously improving the probability of teamwork. Everyone can have a chance to pass and cooperate. More offensive opportunities. Everyone picks and rolls each other to create shooting space for teammates. No matter whether there is a goal or not, I feel very happy. Compared with the thrill of individual singles scoring, this kind of teamwork makes us feel a real Happy, not only played very easily, but also felt a sense of accomplishment when I saw my teammates score goals. I must think more about my teammates and use my brains more when I play in the future.

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