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Take the initiative to help others 主动帮助他人


Take the initiative to help others

In order not to miss the best time to watch the salmon return, my uncle drove us out after class yesterday. We got home in the evening, but Feifei, who was born on duty, still had many dishes left unwashed at noon. So, I thought that Feifei had a lot of work today, so I took the initiative to help her wash the dishes together. I'm very happy because this is the first time I've offered to help someone without asking for anything in return. Although this kind of helpful behavior is already a common thing for Zichen, it is the first time for me. I was finally able to think of others, and for the first time I felt a relaxed and happy mood that didn't bother me. This kind of change can happen to me because of my uncle's education. It was my uncle who taught me to be open-minded when I was a child, and not to be too fussy about it. It would make me feel very uncomfortable, but the heart that does not care is very relaxed and happy. I hope I can maintain this state and become diligent and open-minded.

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