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Stones 石头


Picking up stones has become an entertainment in our spare time. Almost every day when we go out to feed the birds, we squat in the park's little sandpit looking for nice rocks. In the past, I always pursued transparent and solid-colored stones, but then I found that each stone has its own unique beauty. Among them, there is a strange stone with two "eyes" and a "mouth", some small stones are like beeswax, and one stone has a pattern like a shell. We soak the collected stones in water, because the water soaked stones become more moist. However, the water used for soaking the stones needs to be changed frequently. Basically, the newly changed water will deteriorate after a day, and there are still some floccules floating in the water. I think stones also have life, and taking care of them is like taking care of small fish. When I was sorting the stones, I found that none of them were alike. Whether it is color, transparency or shape. Just like everything is unique, you only need a pair of eyes that are good at discovering beauty and a heart that is good at discovering beauty.



Maple leaves turn red

The autumn wind blows slowly, blowing red maple leaves, yellowing wheat straw, blowing away short sleeves, and blowing padded jackets. The big geese started to migrate, and the turtledove family on the tree at the door also left the nest there. In the summer, the smoke disappeared like this. But I think the nest on the tree and the dried jasmine must be the best proof that it has come. Riding the morning wind and wrapping up our jackets, we went out to feed the birds and run in the morning. At seven o'clock in the morning, it was not long before dawn. We found that the maple trees next to the park had turned red overnight, and it would be the snow-playing season soon. I don't know when the night will come earlier, but I believe that tomorrow will be a good sunny day.

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