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Spring snow




Spring snow

In the past few weeks, everyone has been immersed in the environment of warming temperatures and spring flowers blooming. However, the laws of nature are always a bit confusing. One morning this week, it was sunny and windy as usual. At noon, it suddenly started to snow. I always feel that the first snow in the spring of 2024 is more beautiful than the snow in winter. The snowflakes fall very slowly, and the pieces are clear. When they fall on the car window, if you look carefully, you can see the delicate and regular patterns. of small ice crystals.

The snow is getting thicker and thicker, so everyone goes outside to clear the snow like they do in winter. Due to my uncle’s teachings and reminders, when we shovel snow, we also clean up the snow at our neighbor’s house and nearby. And this kind of action is like a kind of power that can be transferred. When we sometimes go to shovel the snow later, our neighbors will also help us clean it when they clear the snow early. There are many such things in our lives. For example, sometimes the trash cans placed outside the house are easily blown away by the wind or dumped on the roadside, so many times we put our trash cans back after the garbage is collected. , and at the same time place the neighbor's trash can in a safer location. Afterwards, sometimes when we go back late, the neighbor will also put our trash can at the entrance of the garage. There are also daily activities such as picking up garbage, going out for activities, playing basketball, etc. When everyone does it with a kind heart and thinking about others, the feedback is often positive and good results. Therefore, I hope that everyone can treat others with a kind-hearted attitude, so that our lives will be filled with sunshine everywhere.

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