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Snow 雪



When I was sitting next to the window of the window, I was surprised to find snowflakes floating outside. Although the sporadic snow did not reach the extent that the roof turned white, it announced the beginning of a season. I am also very happy to usher in the first snow of this winter. A few days later, several larger snow covered the road and roof. We wrapped our scarves, wearing warm cotton jackets and boots, and heard the sound of "squeak, squeak" stepped on the snow. Like the "click" sound of autumn leaves, it is a symbol of a season. Unlike before, I found that the grass covered by snow was still green. The leaves on the trees have not been exhausted, and the leaves of some trees have not even changed. In the evening, you can always see a group of big goose migration. The first snow in the winter of 2022 was earlier than ever.




Plastic bag in the center of the lake

Almost every time we pick up garbage, we can find a lot of garbage in a fixed place, and this time is no exception. We found several black plastic bags full of garbage under the bushes, and I don't know who threw them there. After putting those bags of garbage into the bag, we found that a large white plastic bag was floating near the center of the lake. The temperature dropped sharply, coupled with a few snow, at this time the lake had about a thick ice of about a centimeter. At first we thought it was just a plastic bag blown by the wind to the center of the lake, but when a gust of wind was blowing, we saw the bottom of the white plastic bag frozen on the ice. We stood by the lake and thought about what to do: It is obviously not a good way to pass through the lake. We can't find a long enough stick to fish for it, and we can't find stones around. In the end, we tried to break the ice layer by the lake, throwing the ice cubes into a plastic bag attempt to separate it from the lake. Several times the ice cubes were wiped on the opposite shore when the plastic bag was only a few centimeters left. In the end, after a round of attempts, we failed. It is not only difficult to touch the garbage bag, but its impact is not enough to move the plastic bag half a point. When I left, I looked back at the lake: The white plastic bag looked particularly dazzling on the lake, but we could not do it.

Although the garbage bag that hit the ice into the middle of the lake can be an interesting game, this is not a good thing, and this plastic bag is likely to freeze there all winter. When I saw these garbage, I was really sad. I hope that people can not lose garbage, knowing that the trash can is their home.

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