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Silver Baby 小银子




The other cats were sleeping on the carpet or chairs at this moment, and some even began to snore in their dreams, but Silver Baby kept walking back and forth without stopping for a moment.

One night before going to bed, I watched him walk into the boiler room and then come out within a few seconds. After turning around and leaving my perspective, he reappeared after a while. He had his head down and his tail between his legs, so I wondered if he was in a bad mood. When he passed by again, I patted and called his name in a low voice, motioning him to come and pat. He raised his lowered head, looked sideways at me, and then walked over. I asked him if he was in a bad mood. Although he didn't answer in words, he was happy now. "Gugulu Gulu", rubbing here and there, turning somersaults from time to time. When I scratched his chin, Silver Baby squinted his eyes, and put all his furry head on my hand. At this time, I really feel very happy, it is a kind of happiness from the bottom of my heart! Because it was late and it was time to go to bed, I said to Silver Baby: "Silver Baby, it's time to go to bed. Next time, if you want to pat, you can go to the bed and call twice. Silver Baby should be happy, let's not be bad." In a mood." Then he jumped on the chair and fell asleep like the other cats.

Now that I think about it, I wouldn't have cared about this kind of thing before. First of all, I will never find that Silver Baby is in a bad mood. Even if I find out, I will not get up from the bed and pat Silver Baby on the ground, because I will feel that it is "none of my business". The attitude of "it's nothing to do with oneself" really reflects the indifference and numbness of the heart. Thinking back to when I first came here, uncle told us to take care of our kittens, and usually care about them and pat them. At that time, although I would pat the cats, it was just a mechanical action. The purpose is to show love for cats and show that you have love. But it’s different now. Now I think each of their kittens is a little angel, and the more they look, the cuter they are. I can't help but want to hold her in my arms and kiss her. And when I do this, like patting Silver Baby, I also feel very happy to see them happy. The power of kindness is powerful. When a person is full of kindness in his heart, it is a kind of real happiness!

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