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Selfless 无私无我



We read several articles in the Fantastic Tales By Ji Xiaolan this week and felt very deeply. One of them is like this. Once upon a time, a man named Zheng Suxian came to the underworld in a dream and saw the King Yan reviewing the registered one by one. Ghost, an old lady from a neighboring village came here. As soon as King Yan saw her, he immediately changed a gentle expression, greeted her and gave her fragrant tea, and then ordered the officials around him to send her to a good place as soon as possible. Place reincarnation. Zheng Suxian was very surprised, so he asked the underworld official beside him: "What kind of merit can an old peasant woman have?" The underworld official said, "This old lady has never had the idea of self-interest at the expense of others in her life. Self-interest is hard to avoid even for a wise man. Those who want to benefit themselves will definitely harm others. All kinds of cunning and cunning, all kinds of slander and injustice incidents are created because of this, and what's more, they are notorious and poisonous all over the world, all because of this selfish selfishness. Rural women can control their own selfishness, and Confucian scholars who study and give lectures stand in front of her, and many of them will look ashamed. It is no wonder that the King of Hades respects her so much."

Yes, a person who can control herself and not have selfishness in her life, even if she has not really cultivated, is already in the Tao, so it is not surprising that ghosts and gods respect her. In the future, I will work hard and strive to become a person like the old woman who does not harm others and benefits herself, and is completely for him.

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