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Reasonable planning and use




Reasonable planning and use

In life, my uncle often teaches us to cherish things, be diligent and thrifty. This is a good living habit. At the same time, from the perspective of Buddhist cause and effect, being thrifty and not wasting in one's life will also accumulate a lot of merit for a person, while those who regard waste as a habit and waste everything as their personality In other words, it will create a lot of crimes invisibly. Like an article we read at Uncle: Leftovers on Huangquan Road, it tells that the food wasted in a person’s life will be stored on the Huangquan Road that must be passed before reincarnation after death. Only after eating all the wasted food in one’s life Things can be reincarnated. So let’s compare the matter of eating with outsiders. At Uncle’s place, all the children will eat all the rice in their rice bowls until there is no grain left, and some bowls don’t even have oil stars in them, as if they have been washed. Same. Every child does this, and as long as they come to uncle's place, they persist for as long as possible. If we count this way, we have avoided huge waste and leftovers in food when we come to uncle's place.

But recently in life, I found that there are many places where waste is still invisible. This kind of waste does not come from subjective, but some inadvertent and inadvertent in life, and the root cause is still from my own laziness and self psychology. There are many things that people think they have the best solution, thereby denying other people's ideas, which leads to things that can be done quickly and items that can last longer, but they gradually deviate from the correct direction. Uncle also pointed out my problems in this area, so in the future, I must correct my incorrect psychology. In fact, after truly doing and thinking according to what my uncle said, if I listen carefully to other people's opinions and let go of my best mentality before doing things, I will be able to feel that there is another village, and only then can I really improve and correct.

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