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Penny wise and pound foolish 捡了芝麻丢了西瓜


Since the situation of people littering in the community has not been improved very well, so this week uncle suggested that we make a sign to appeal to people not to litter. After comparison, we found that online customization is more cost-effective. So after discussing the design of the sign and what to write with uncle, we made the purchase. But when I checked the information again after the purchase, I found that the final price was 10 Canadian dollars more than the price we saw on the payment page. In fact, ten yuan is not a lot, but what is disappointing is the lack of morality in people nowadays. In order to make money, they will do anything to deceive buyers. This is simply picking up sesame seeds and losing watermelons. Originally, merchants don’t need to do this. This is how business is done. If people want to buy it, they can buy it if they don’t want to. Why bother to get a bad reputation for a little money? ! For example, as a customer, if the merchant is dishonest, I will definitely not repurchase, let alone recommend it to my friends. For the seller, he earned an extra ten dollars from me, but he lost possibly more customers in the future. I sincerely hope that the world can be more honest and lie less!

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