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No contribution is wrong 无功就是过



Fantastic Tales By Ji Xiaolan records such a story: In front of King Yama, an official claimed to be a clean and honest official, and he only drank a glass of water wherever he went, so he had no shame in front of ghosts and gods. Yama, however, smiled sarcastically and said: "The purpose of being an official is to promote advantages and eliminate disadvantages. If you are not greedy for money, you are a good official. Wouldn't it be better than you to set up a puppet without drinking water?" Although there is no merit, there is no crime." King Yama said: "No matter what you do, you only care about protecting yourself. You don't speak up about unjust cases because you have scruples, and you don't handle official affairs because you are afraid of trouble. Isn't this a betrayal of the country and the people? ? What does the "three-year performance appraisal" say in "Shun Dian"? No credit is a crime." The official was speechless.

After hearing this story, I was thinking, why does a person have no credit? This is because the lack of credit is also due to his own selfishness. Although it seems that he did not participate in a bad thing from happening, he did not stop it. Let things happen by bringing bad consequences on yourself. In this situation, we may see on the surface that he has no credit or guilt, but in fact, his selfishness is a sin. Sometimes when we encounter problems in life, we are also afraid that we will not do well or that the result of the matter will bring us trouble and do not do it. We may even make excuses for ourselves, thinking that at least we have not done anything bad. "There are gods on the head of three feet", gods and Buddhas can see into our inner thoughts. Even if you are not a wicked person, your selfish thoughts may be punished by God.

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