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Needs or wants? 是想要,还是真需要?





Almost everyone will work hard to get what they want, but what is the difference between ordinary people and successful people?

Successful people always meet their needs. Ordinary people fail to succeed because they don't know what they really need, so they let themselves go and go the wrong way.

How do we know what is really needed? It's actually very simple, just ask yourself a question, is this what you want or what you need now.

Wanting is a desire, and a real need is a must-have. Desires are tempting and only distract you, and we chase them and often end up finding that we don't get the satisfaction from them. Even if we finally get what we want, we often cannot control the desire for more in our hearts. Just like when I used to play with my phone, although it was fun to play, when it was over I felt empty. It takes more time to play to fill the void, but I end up with more voids. The real need is very simple, it can benefit us like nutrients. For example, if we want to improve our efficiency in doing things or learning, we need to complete important things first, just like bread and jam, jam is what we want, but bread is what we need, jam is good though Eating, but not filling our stomachs and giving us enough nutrition. Only after we get what we really need can we have the ability to pursue what we want, and the order of the two must never be reversed.

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