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Move house搬家

周五那天, 叔叔带着我们去看了著名的三文鱼回流。三文鱼回流就是这些鱼儿们会费尽千辛万苦游回自己的出生地,然后用尽最后的力气产下鱼卵。孕育完自己的下一代,然后就会平静地死去。它们产下的这些鱼卵会在河中孵化成小鱼,长大成熟后顺流游到大海里生活。等到某一年的秋天,又会像他们的祖辈一样回流去繁衍后代。当我们看到一条条三文鱼在水中逆流而上,甚至在水坝边从水中跃起奋力往上跳时,我们被这些鱼儿悲壮的举动和习性生生打动了。听说能够成功返回到终点的三文鱼并不多,在半路上经常能看到很多鱼儿的尸体。有的筋疲力尽的鱼儿在半路搁浅,而有的却被人们在半路残忍地捕捞,成为人们的盘中餐。试想一下,它们竭力游回自己的故乡,抵着逆流往上游,顶着台阶往上跳,这种精神和毅力已非大部分现在的人们可比,半路还要遭到它们的天敌——人类的捕杀。动物们真是很可怜的。 也希望这里的人们能考虑考虑它们的感受,不要为了自己的口腹之快而在这个时候去残害这些三文鱼。

On Friday, my uncle took us to see the famous salmon reflux. Salmon backflow is when these fish swim back to their place of birth and lay their eggs with all their might. After giving birth to their own offspring, they will die peacefully. The eggs they lay hatch into small fish in the river, and when they mature, they swim downstream to live in the sea. In the autumn of a certain year, they will go back to reproduce like their ancestors did. When we saw the salmon swim upstream in the water, and even jumped up from the water at the edge of the dam, we were moved by the tragic behavior and habits of these fish. I heard that there are not many salmon that can successfully return to the finish line, and many fish carcasses are often seen on the way. Some exhausted fish were stranded halfway, while others were brutally caught halfway and became people's meals. Just imagine, they try their best to swim back to their hometown, go upstream against the current, and jump up against the steps. This kind of spirit and perseverance are no longer comparable to most of today's people, and they will encounter their natural enemies - human beings along the way. hunt and kill. The animals are so pathetic. I also hope that people here will consider their feelings and not kill these salmon at this time for the sake of their own appetite.


For the first two weeks, we said goodbye to the house we had lived in for a year and a half and moved to a new place. Moving is not an easy process, there are a lot of things to pack and move, as well as cleaning. Thanks to everyone's efforts, the original house was soon cleaned up into a clean new house. Looking at the clean house, just like when I first moved in, I feel really comfortable. Thank you all for your hard work, especially Bowei Ge and Hu Ge, which made our moving process a lot easier. Before we moved out, many small animals in our neighborhood came to us, including raccoons, squirrels, and our dove neighbors. Wandering around in front of our door, wondering if he came to say goodbye to us?

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