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Milk 牛奶


Milk is a coquettish kitten who likes to sleep on the bed in our room. When I open the door, I can often hear him "meow-meow~", which means "I am here, I am here, you are finally here!" Of course, he is also a jealous kitten. For example, when he sees you holding other kittens, he will run to the cat climbing frame, hug the pillar and bury his head in the corner. When you go to hug him, his paws will hold the post tightly, which means "Don't you hug other cats, why are you hugging me now? I'm angry!" The cuter point is that milk Sometimes it is very good to "find trouble for nothing". For example, when Wang Zai walked past him, he unexpectedly hit Wang Zai on the head. After the "bad thing" is done, he runs away, which makes Wang Zai confused. Fortunately, Wang Zai will not care about his good brother. But Xiao Yinzi would not be so magnanimous, once when Xiao Yinzi was lying in the nest, his body was tightly covered by a piece of clothing. When Milk passed by Xiao Yinzi, he was immediately attracted by this "fluctuating thing". He first sat by and observed for a while, then tentatively stretched out his paw and patted it twice. After finding that there was no response, he threw his whole body on it. Xiao Yinzi woke up suddenly in his sleep, and then a chase began...Later, Milk walked around Xiao Yinzi for several days. And that's just milk, each cat has a different personality. They are like cute little angels, coming to us to bring us happiness and warmth.

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