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It is the 29th day since we have arrived in Canada. Recently, in Ontario, it’s becoming more frigid and if you put your bottle outside the house, the water in it will soon get quite cold.Though, after many days since our arrival,I find myself no longer interested in the firn laying on the ground like before—they pile around the city in the same way they did in the first few days, as if they would never melt,still, when the endless snow falls from the spacious sky, will feel a sort of pleasure. And no matter how, nights here are always amazing.If you look up at dark hours, you can see many stars which bestrew the Ontario’s night sky, and if you happen to be at a intersection, then maybe you can see the sight of their falling down through to the ends of the roads.


Our classmate Ziteng has fallen in love with violin violently and I don’t know when.Now whenever he has free time, our house will be filled with the sound of his violin and this situation has already lasted for 29 days.We are all amazed by his talent and enthusiasm.However,there is one thing regrettable.That is he has never played a complete song, but only the interesting parts of all kinds of music over and over again.I sincerely hope that he can be more patient. Who can say that before long he will not amaze us in this way too?

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