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Make dumplings 包饺子


We made dumplings this Monday. Since I haven't made dumplings for a long time, the dumplings I made were deflated and ugly at first. If uncle hadn't stipulated that everyone should put their own dumplings in a specific place, I would have intentionally made less dumplings in order to avoid the dumplings being cooked. Not only is this inefficient, but the skill of making dumplings won't get any better. This time, although the dumplings I made at the beginning were not satisfactory, I slowly explored and found the skills of making dumplings. In the end, the dumplings were fast and good. Through the experience of making dumplings this time, I understand a truth. Anything can be done well as long as we do it with heart. We cannot do it or do less in order to avoid making mistakes. Everything is difficult at the beginning, but as long as you persevere, there will always be a bright future.



Happy birthday to Alice

This Friday is Alice's sixteenth birthday, and everyone has prepared exquisite gifts for Alice. This is also the first time that I have been so serious about preparing gifts for someone's birthday. Before arriving at my uncle's place, all the students in the school would just post "Happy Birthday" on the chat software on the hour. In the uncle's place, everyone will send sincere blessings and gifts on everyone's birthday. Turn off the lights, and against the backdrop of six small flames, everyone clapped their hands and sang a happy birthday song. For some reason I feel happier than my birthday. Here, I sincerely wish Alice a happy birthday and become better in the new year!

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