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Karma 因果报应

明末的方孝孺,从前有一世转生时杀了很多蛇。因为蛇也属于龙族,方孝孺因此得罪了龙族。一天,方孝孺准备将院子里的一棵歪树锯掉。在采取行动之前,他连续三次梦到一位红衣老人恳求他说 “我们一族八百多人住在这棵大树里,能不能请你宽裕我们几天时间,等我们搬家后再锯掉它。”然而,方孝孺没有选择等待,而是按原定时间直接锯掉了大树。树倒下时,有很多红蛇从树里冒出来。方孝孺叫来捕蛇者,又用火点燃了蛇窝,将蛇全部杀死。

等到他来世转生成方孝孺时,报应发生了。方孝孺因为得罪了皇帝,遭到了灭十族的惩罚。除本族九族外,加上第十族 -- 他的学生,八百多人全被处死。


Fang Xiaoru in the late Ming Dynasty killed many snakes when he was reincarnated in a previous life. Because the snake also belongs to the dragon family, Fang Xiaoru offended the dragon family. One day, Fang Xiaoru was about to saw off a crooked tree in the yard. Before taking action, he dreamed three times in a row that an old man in red begged him to say, "We have more than 800 people living in this big tree, can you please spare us a few days, and then we will saw it off after we move. It." However, Fang Xiaoru didn't choose to wait, but sawed off the tree at the original time. When the tree fell, many red snakes emerged from the tree. Fang Xiaoru called the snake catcher and set the snake's nest on fire, killing all the snakes.

When he was reincarnated as Fang Xiaoru in the next life, the retribution happened. Fang Xiaoru was punished by destroying ten clans for offending the emperor. In addition to the nine tribes of his own, plus the tenth tribe—his students, more than 800 people were executed.

This karma story reminds me even more that when I see ants and bugs in the future, don't hurt them.

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