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Harvest 收获




I have benefited a lot from listening to uncle this week. Uncle tells a true story of a child. The student in the story has excellent academic performance, but due to some reasons that she cannot overcome, she was made difficult by the teacher everywhere at school, which finally led to her mental breakdown.

At first, I felt it was quite novel like listening to the story, but after uncle finished speaking, I suddenly realized that I was often "repaired" by teachers at school, but the reasons for the repairs were different from those of the students in the story. I finally understood why I was being repaired by my teachers: because I was extremely selfish and conceited, and my arrogance caused the teachers to hate me very much.

At this moment, I really woke up from a dream and felt lucky to be here with uncle. When I first came to uncle, I was still very conceited, but instead of fixing me like a school teacher, uncle taught me to fix my own problems. I'm ashamed that it took me so long to realize the problem. I will continue to work hard to correct my cognition and eliminate hidden dangers for my own growth.



Make dumplings

This week, we made chive dumplings. There are meat, vegetarian and egg fillings. In the beginning, my dumplings were "lying". Uncle came over to have a look and said, "Let's see if I can wrap it up." We were all happy. So, I started to try to put the stuffing in the palm of my hand, and the dumplings I made stood up a little, but still lay down a bit. Later, Feifei shared with us her experience of learning how to make dumplings, telling us that it is easy to stand up with pleats. I started experimenting with pleated dumplings. After wrapping the meat dumplings, we started making vegetarian dumplings. Everyone was amazed to find that my dumplings went faster and looked better than before. Because I used the method shared by my sister to make dumplings, I found that it was quick and good. This incident tells me that there is a way to do anything, and if the method is improved, things will naturally have good results.

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