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Gentle Fate Baby 温柔的小缘宝


Fate Baby is a gentle kitten. Although he is often making trouble with other cats, he is very gentle to people. For example, sometimes after touching him for a long time, he will lick us gently and tell us that we can stop. Not only that, he is also a smart kitten. Once I soaked beans in the kitchen, a little white shadow came to my feet, and "meow ~" caught my attention. I know he wants to pat, but it is time to go upstairs. So I patted his leg to signal him. "Let's go, let's go upstairs." I said to him. Then he was like a small fart, looking up at his head, where I went. When I stopped and waited for him, he stopped and slammed the corner. He ran a little faster while going up the stairs, and then stopped at the steps and looked at me. Until the end, I lay down in the nest and closed my eyes and enjoyed a good moment. Oh my god, it is a cuteness that cannot be described in language!

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