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Geese flying south 大雁南飞



Geese flying south

This week we ushered in the first snow this year. Although not large, it is enough to make us feel the cold of winter. We can wear single clothes a few days ago. Essence This year's winter came suddenly, and even the wild geese seemed to set off later than in previous years. When we go out to feed birds in the evening, we can always see the wild geese that are flying south in the sky, but in the past, they rarely saw them. In addition, this year's winter came so suddenly, and the geese seemed to be a little overwhelmed. Such cold weather is still flying high, they must be cold. However, they are also encouraging each other. Some people say that the screams of the geese are wailing, but I think it is the motivation for them to move forward and the comfort from their companions. Even so, there will still be a wild geese, they scream hoarsely, looking for companions. Whenever I see such a scene, I will be sad, and I seem to feel their loneliness and helplessness. I think if I am them, I will definitely not be as strong as them. But at the same time, I feel more lucky. We live in a warm and comfortable house here in uncle. Every day uncle will make delicious meals for us. The most important thing is to receive the education of uncle. What a lucky!



Protect environment

We have written many times about picking up trash, but when we are picking up trash recently, we can always find some special garbage in several specific places. These garbage is not like the garbage that we often see, and these garbage is thrown in a pack of bags in the grass. At the beginning, we just thought that someone had passed by and threw a bag of garbage here, but later we could find similar garbage every week in the same place, as if someone deliberately put it there. Sometimes the plastic bag of garbage is broken, and the garbage inside will scattered on the ground. You can see the dazzling colors from far away. How dangerous is it dangerous if the small animals are eating these garbage by mistake! I have seen a lot of photos of the garbage lost by humans by humans before. Let's think about it. If our stomach is filled with plastic, head is stuck in the jar, and the body is changed by plastic, how painful it should be! And we all know that the garbage will be polluted. If the source of our lives "air and water" are contaminated, how can our health be guaranteed? So I sincerely hope that everyone can stop losing garbage and protect the environment to protect myself!

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