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Fickle Weather 善变的天气


Canada is known for being cold, but recently I discovered that this is not the case. Its winter can be hot and cold, cloudy and sunny. Last week, Toronto ushered in a snowstorm. The snow in the park was knee-deep, and the temperature dropped to around -10 degrees. But this week, the temperature suddenly turned around, rising to 7 or 8 degrees, and the snow on the roadside basically melted, revealing the withered yellow but full of vitality grass, and the trees began to sprout. It seems that spring has come, and everything can’t wait Start recovery. Although the weather is changeable and the snowman melts, we are still very happy to think that the little animals will no longer have to lose their lives because of the cold weather and lack of food. In fact, everything is like this. As long as we think about the problem from another angle, we can always find its good side.

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