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Father and son love “父子情深”



We have five kittens, except for milk, the other three are Wangzai's children. They often chase and play with each other. Families who love each other often cuddle and sleep together. Wang Zai, who has the demeanor of the head of the family, will often lick the hair of his children. But sometimes it turns out that two cats hold each other's heads and use their hind feet to "comb" the top of each other's heads.

There was a lovely, heartwarming scene while bathing Dajin on Monday. As Dajin reacted so violently to taking a bath, there were constant calls of "meow-meow-" from the toilet. At first, Wang Zai lay leisurely on the mat and licked his hair, but the sound from the toilet caught his attention. Pricked up his ears, Wang Zai followed the sound to the toilet door. So across the door, the two cats began to sing together. Dajin: "Dad, come and save me!" Wangzai: "Son, don't be afraid, Dad is here!". Wang Zai didn't know what happened in the house, so he was very worried about the situation of his eldest son. He first looked in through the crack of the door, and after confirming that he couldn't see anything, he walked around anxiously, constantly standing up and picking the doorknob. YuFei said in the end, Wang Zai squatted on the edge of the bathtub when he entered, and even stood there looking at Dajin. After confirming that his eldest son was not in any danger, Wang Zai went out and lay down on the mat again. The deep love between father and son can be said to be expressed incisively and vividly!

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