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I am certainly quite happy that I have come to Canada at the end of the year. And you can see what life in the west is. I found that the land here is not as dirty as China, and it is grey in China for a day of shoes in China. And there are many people who don't kill animals, and there are many people who are loving, and people here and like to help others, and I didn't have a stranger to help my dad and me when I came here last time, and we didn't know when we could find the destination we were going to. Here we also taste what the western countries eat. But the most important thing is that we have a better learning space. Better learning.


Here I saw the uncle who had not seen a year, and saw the tiger in two years. I have been able to break these problems with my uncle, who has not seen my uncle for more than a year. Recently, I have finally found out that my brain is not clear, so I am determined to make sure I know what I am doing every day and make a good boy. In two years, I was still very much miss of the tiger brother, and just coming to the Canadian tiger brother to help me and my father, it was easy for us to do something, and that no tiger brother helped me and my father to make a public car in Canada to check for a long time. And the tiger brother sent me to my uncle, so that I could study hard and learn something about myself and be a good boy. In my heart, I am especially grateful to the tiger brother, who didn't send me to my uncle. If I had really never been in Canada before going to my uncle, I would have only played and didn't study. Think about things that have nothing to do with learning every day. Now is the idea of studying well, you are the big child here, and you want to give them an example. But you have to do it first, not as before.

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