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Conscientious 表里如一



This week we read a short story in "Fantastic Tales By Ji Xiaolan": There was a man whose study room was occupied by a fox spirit, and the fox spirit talked to people during the day, threw tiles and beat them, but couldn't see its shape. The magistrate Dong Siren is a good official, and when he heard about this incident, he personally came to expel the fox spirit. When he was talking about the truth with the fox spirit, the fox spirit said: "You are an official who loves the people very much and doesn't make money, so I dare not beat you. But you love the people because you want to gain reputation, and if you don't make money, you are afraid Future troubles, so I will not avoid you either. Forget it sir, don’t talk too much and ask for trouble.” Dong Siren went back in a state of embarrassment. There is a maid in this family who is thick and clumsy, but she is the only one who is not afraid of the fox spirit, and the fox spirit does not fly bricks and tiles at her. Someone asked the reason, and the fox spirit said: "Although she is a lowly servant, she is a truly filial woman. Ghosts and gods will retreat when they see her, let alone us!" The family called the maid to live. In the study, the fox spirit left that day.

I have heard this story before, but it is far less profound than this time. Those who appear to be well-dressed on the surface think that the dark side of their hearts is unknown. But I don't know what I think in my heart, the purpose and mentality of doing anything, there is nowhere to hide in front of monsters, let alone in front of gods? This also reminded me to be vigilant about my words and deeds whether there are people or not. Be the same as the outside, not for others to see.

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