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Confidence and conceit自信与自负

Updated: Dec 30, 2022




多伦多的暴雪 清晨起床,打开窗帘向外头一看,发现下雪了,天气预报表示这将是一个暴雪的天气。走出屋子的第一感觉就是冷,但当我想要赶快屋子里的时候却被外面这壮观的景色所吸引。我吃惊地发现外面的一切都被银装素裹。仔细的去观察面前的树木,会发现树枝晶莹透亮,如同镶嵌一层透明发亮的水晶。放眼望去远处的小树林中,都是这样的景色。站在这个冰雪的小树林旁边,仿佛已经进入了童话电影中的冰雪公园。所有的东西都被冰雪覆盖着,看着这些冰蓝色的物体,感觉自己就是其中的一份子,随风飘舞。当我反应到我自己还在屋外站着的时候,已经是5分钟以后的事情了。回想起刚刚像树木一样的感觉非常的美妙,虽然多伦多的冬天有时会很冷,但是在这寒冷的天气中,也充满了很多美丽的景色。

Confidence and conceit

Confidence and conceit are only one letter difference, but the meaning is very different. Self-confident people have a calm mind, generosity, openness, and appropriate love for vegetables. And conceited people are very jealous, supercilious, self-centered, and self-contained. Everything is out of me, no one else. When doing things, they are reckless and don't consider others, as if everything can be done easily by themselves. He only looks at his own strengths and pays attention to the shortcomings of others, and is good at using his own strengths to compare others' shortnesses. He never uses his own weaknesses to surpass others' strengths, and always feels good about himself.

I often regard conceit as self-confidence, whether it is in doing things or in psychology. Sometimes I can also be aware of this problem, but more often I choose to ignore this matter, because I feel that there is no problem in my subconscious mind. Uncle pointed out this problem to me this week and educated me. Now think about it carefully, whether in daily life or in mental activities, some uncomfortable states will appear inexplicably. This is because when doing things, the goal is not to complete things, but to show yourself. In the end, things are not done well, and you don’t reflect on yourself. This is your own conceit. If you want to keep yourself in an optimistic state, for yourself, you can only do it if you seriously accept the teachings of your uncle, listen to other people's opinions and truly reflect. ,

blizzard in toronto

Woke up early in the morning, opened the curtains and looked outside, and found that it was snowing. The weather forecast indicated that it would be a blizzard. The first feeling when I walked out of the house was that it was cold, but when I wanted to hurry inside the house, I was attracted by the spectacular scenery outside. I was surprised to find that everything outside was covered in silver. If you carefully observe the trees in front of you, you will find that the branches are crystal clear, as if inlaid with a layer of transparent and shiny crystals. Looking at the small woods in the distance, there are such scenery. Standing next to this icy and snowy grove, it seems to have entered the ice and snow park in a fairy tale movie. Everything is covered with ice and snow, looking at these icy blue objects, I feel like I am a part of it, fluttering in the wind. When I realized that I was still standing outside the house, it was already 5 minutes later. It’s wonderful to think back to being like a tree just now. Although Toronto’s winter can be very cold at times, in this cold weather, it is also full of beautiful scenery.

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