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Conclusion of the summer vacation 暑假結語

暑假还剩最后一个星期了,学校再一次组织了学生去Bluffer‘s Park游泳和烧烤。这次湖里的水比之上一次來時淺了些,也涼了些,看來2022年的夏天也即將過去。回想在这个暑假,除了緊張的學習外,我們還從事了很多户外活动:露营、一起燒烤、游泳,参观向日葵田,還有篮球賽……,我們的暑假過的格外充實,這會為我们增添许多美好的回忆。真的很期待下一個暑假的来临。

With the last week of summer vacation left, the school once again organized students to swim and barbecue in Bluffer’s Park. This time, the water in the lake is a little shallower and cooler than the last time it came, and it seems that the summer of 2022 is about to pass. Looking back on this summer vacation, in addition to intense study, we also engaged in many outdoor activities: camping, barbecues, swimming, visiting sunflower fields, and basketball games... We had a very fulfilling summer vacation, which will add a lot to us. Good memories. Really looking forward to the next summer vacation.

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