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Clean up 大扫除


Today, we did a big cleaning and gave the house a thorough cleaning. Because our kittens are going to take a bath, in order to ensure that they are still clean after the bath, we carefully cleaned all kinds of places that cats like to drill. Use a vacuum cleaner to carefully vacuum under the sofa, under the table, and under the cabinet. After cleaning, I felt refreshed looking at the clean environment. As uncle once said: cleaning the house is actually cleaning the heart. Looking at the clean house, I feel that my heart has also been purified.



Correct cognition

This week, a small incident made me realize that my self-perception was wrong. One day, we read an article and everyone had some insights. My insight is that I found out that I used to be selfish: when buying eggs, I only pick the good and big ones, and don't take any small ones. Although I found my shortcomings in the past, I am still very satisfied with my current state: I am fine. Uncle pointed out my problem and told me to relate to my current state. The next day, when I was serving the soup, I realized that my current state was still the same as before: when I was serving the soup, I didn’t want to drink a bowl of soup with pepper particles, but wanted a good bowl of clear soup.

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