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Cat rescue station 猫咪救助站

今天我们去了一家宠物店,购买一些猫砂、猫粮。在那里有三只流浪猫在店内的一个救助站小房间里。上次我们来的时候有五只流浪猫,不过这次有几只小猫咪已经找到了家。上次的小黑黑还在,他全身的毛发乌黑发亮,眼睛是绿色的。我们总是可以从他的眼神里看出几丝忧郁,似乎只有找到了家才会让他开心起来。还有一只猫的毛发里带一些灰,他一直窝在墙角边睡觉。而此时大概是第三只猫咪最幸福的时刻了,因为工作人员把笼子打开了———一个家庭似乎想收养它。当工作人员打开门时,男主人慢慢将手伸到他面前。他先是闻了闻,然后轻轻蹭着男主人的手,似乎在请求他们给他一个家。两个小孩子仰着头看着他,男主人和女主人相视一笑,事情进展的很顺利。男主人让开在旁边,店员开始鼓励他跳出笼子到对面的桌子上。可能是由于太久没有出救助所的笼子了,他笨拙的动作让他往前滑了一段距离,险些撞到了墙。不过那样子更像是想完成一段出色的表演,但由于紧张而失误的小朋友,而他们也都被他的样子逗笑了。不知又过了多久,那个家庭出来了。只知道两个小孩子出来的时候还在说“sweet cat”。但却没有看到他们把猫带走,我想小猫咪一定很难过吧。不过相信过不了多久,他们一定会找到属于自己的家的!

Today we went to a pet store and bought some cat litter and cat food. There were three stray cats in a rescue station cubby inside the store. Last time we were there there were five stray cats, but this time a few kittens have found homes. The last time Xiao Hei Hei is still there, his hair is black and shiny, and his eyes are green. We can always see a hint of melancholy in his eyes, it seems that only finding a home will make him happy. There is also a cat with some gray in its hair, and he has been sleeping in the corner of the wall. And this is probably the happiest moment for the third cat, as the staff opens the cage - a family seems to want to adopt it. When the staff opened the door, the host slowly put his hand in front of him. He sniffed first, then gently rubbed the master's hand, as if begging them to give him a home. The two children looked up at him, the hostess and hostess looked at each other and smiled, and things were going well. The host stepped aside, and the clerk began to encourage him to jump out of the cage and onto the opposite table. Probably because he hadn't been out of the rescue cage for too long, his clumsy movements made him slide forward a certain distance, nearly hitting the wall. But that is more like a child who wants to complete a good performance, but makes a mistake due to nervousness, and they are all amused by his appearance. I don't know how long it took before the family came out. All I know is that the two children were still saying "sweet cat" when they came out. But didn't see them take the cat away, I think the kitten must be very sad. But I believe it won't be long before they will find their own home!

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