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Bethe Cats 洗猫


Bathe Cats

A few weeks ago we cast lots and decided to give Sliver Baby a bath, and this week we finally bathed him. By the time we've cleaned the entire floor, it's time to give him a bath. I don't know why I want to laugh every time I see Sliver Baby dangling leisurely. Maybe it's because he knows that he is going to bathe him, and he doesn't know that a "big event" is going to happen to him. Although bathing is a very comfortable thing, it is not necessarily for cats, because I have heard more than once before that most cats resist bathing. When I was preparing the hot pot dishes downstairs, I heard "meow-meow-meow" upstairs. The little silver I imagined must be struggling with excitement. Unexpectedly, my sister and Feifei later said that Sliver Baby was very good. In the bath, except for a few calls at the beginning, after that, almost all of them stayed in the water and did not struggle and were quiet. Although I haven't seen this scene with my own eyes, it's not hard to imagine how cute it looks. Sliver Baby is now the cleanest kitty. Its fur is white and glowing, as fluffy as a girl's hair that has just been bathed. I think he must be happy in his heart.

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