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Autumn 秋


In the late autumn, except for the evergreen pine trees, the branches and leaves of other trees have changed color. And fallen leaves are the beauty of autumn. When a gust of wind blew, clusters of maple leaves swayed gently. Two or three leaves fell, gradually covering the entire path. Whenever we see beautiful maple leaves we take them home. I found that maple leaves are not all red. Most of them have yellowish rhizomes that turn red to the tips of the leaves. Viewed from the upstairs window, each maple tree is like a group of hot fire in the autumn, and the heart is warm, exuding the atmosphere of autumn everywhere. Autumn leaves are the beauty of returning home. The tree returns its leaves to the earth, and it also returns it to tomorrow's self. The leaves begin to grow in the spring and fall in the fall to add nutrients to the soil. This is also the return of leaves to nature.

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