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Assemble the gas stove 组装气灶


When my sister was making hot and sour cabbage last week, because the fire of the electric stove was not strong enough, the stir-fry became boiled. In order to use the fire to stimulate the aroma of the dishes even more, we took out the gas stove. We've never assembled a gas cooker like this before. At first I thought it was just a matter of putting the gas tank in the slot on the side and snapping the lid on. But the fact is not as simple as imagined - because the switch of the gas lock can't be pressed. After observation, we found that there is a gap on the edge of the gas tank, which just matches the structure of the groove. But it is not enough to solve this point, the switch still cannot be pressed, and we have tried many times to no avail. Later, we found that the pot rack on the gas stove was different from what we had seen before. When we picked it up, we found out that in order to reduce the space occupied by the gas stove, the pot rack was placed upside down. After solving this series of problems, the fire was finally lit. As uncle said: "Every problem has a reason." We need to constantly observe, reflect and act to solve the problem. And the hot and sour cabbage that my sister made that day was very delicious!

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