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Apply to American Universities 申请美国大学


Recently, under the guidance of uncle, I am preparing materials for applying to American universities. Several essays are required, including a personal statement, reasons for choosing the university of choice, reasons for choosing the major of study, understanding of the school's values, a description of an extracurricular activity, and an experience of overcoming difficulties and perseverance, etc. I have to say that preparing these articles and answering questions has had a great impact on the "grades are everything" measurement thinking that I have become accustomed to. The personal statement revised by uncle follows the sequence of psychological changes from childhood, teenagers, to high school students. In addition to the influence of interests and family, uncle also specially added the sense of social responsibility that arises as I grow older. I want to serve the world. The ideal of contribution of the poor. Uncle's explanation let me know that it is not enough to limit your dreams to your own scope. Americans pay attention to ideals and the ambition to make a difference for the society. All this made me understand that in order to be a qualified student in the eyes of Americans, one must be thoughtful, rich in experience and far-reaching ambition for the sake of the people of the world.

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