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Animals With Humanity 动物通人性





Usually we put some food for the squirrels in the backyard. Another little black cat came that day, and we added two more pieces of "furniture" in the yard: one is a cold-proof cat litter for the little black (we wrapped the box with an unnecessary thick coat, and put another layer on the outside rainproof cloth, made a warm fur nest), and the other is a small cardboard box next to the nest for carrying cat food. Every day, we put some cat food for Xiao Hei in the cardboard box.

One day, I saw a very interesting scene.

A little squirrel stood with its two front paws hanging in the air, and supported its body on its two hind legs. It looked up at the cardboard box next to it in front of the cat's nest, looking left and right, trying to see what delicious food was inside. A few seconds later, its two dangling front paws suddenly turned into a bowing posture, facing the hole of the cat's nest, politely begging for food from the owner inside. After a while, the little squirrel suddenly realized that the owner of the cat's nest was not at home, so he jumped away.

The whole scene made me feel very interesting. The little squirrels are just like humans, they are curious, attracted by food, and bow to their owners to beg for food. This reminds me again of what my uncle used to say about animals being human, that they actually feel the same as people.

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