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We often put some peanuts, melon seeds and other foods in the yard so that squirrels and birds will not be hungry. And the small animals lying by the screens and windows to observe foraging have also become one of the favorite activities of cats. It often happens that five cats are huddled in front of the same screen to look out. At first, the small animals in the yard may be worried about the attack of these "behemoths", but when they find that the "danger" is blocked by a transparent object, they slowly start to become unscrupulous. Sometimes the squirrels even jumped to the door and window, anxious Wang Zai grabbed the glass and exhaled. Animals are also smart. Whenever a squirrel stands on the carpet outside the screen door and looks into the house with its hands raised, we know that the peanuts and melon seeds outside have been eaten. But the squirrel disappeared without a trace when we put the food. When I was out putting peanuts today, a little black squirrel didn't run away. Although it dared not approach me, it walked around not far away. I think it should know we won't hurt it.

Animals are just like people, they are also very intelligent. They can feel when you treat them well!






"One should be humble" is a phrase we have been familiar with since childhood. Previously I only knew its surface meaning that modest people listen to other people's advice, accept others' criticism and make corrections. But after reading the Four Precepts of Liaofan recently, I have a deeper understanding of what the word "modesty" means.

The opposite of "humility" is "conceit," and I think "conceit" is precisely the beginning of a lot of "evil." Because of conceit, we will look down on those who are weaker than ourselves; because of conceit, we will look for the shortcomings of others everywhere to prove that we are better than others; I feel that I am stronger than anyone else, and when those I think are weaker are rewarded, I feel jealous and jealous. There are many such unwholesome thoughts. Of course conceited people cannot progress. Because arrogance itself has made oneself more "cow" than anyone else, so it can't listen to other people's opinions at all. A humble person is more in awe of the gods. Humility will make them constantly look at their own problems, and the fear of God will make them pay more attention to their words and deeds. So humble people are always peaceful and kind.

As my uncle said: "The more ignorant people are, the more conceited they are". As teenagers, we didn't know much and lived off our parents. So there is really nothing capital to be proud of.

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