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Accumulate virtue or lose virtue 积德与损德



Accumulate virtue or lose virtue

Many people want to live a better, more comfortable and prosperous life. And because they first heard about the Buddhadharma, they knew that doing good deeds could accumulate good fortune and make them all go well, so they often did many good deeds, such as releasing animals, giving alms, doing volunteer work, and so on. But some people often do all kinds of good deeds, but their situation is still not smooth, so they will complain about the injustice of God: Why are they doing such good deeds, but they are not as good as those who have not done good deeds? There will be dissatisfaction with God, thinking that they have not received the good retribution they deserve... This is because many people have overlooked one point: while we are actively cultivating blessings, are we constantly compromising our blessings? ? For example, there are many people who have lost their accumulated merit in their thoughts, thoughts, words and deeds. We have heard a story before. It was about the Mirror clerk of the Heart Mirror about how God looked at people's hearts. Many people know that there is a karma mirror, but what the karma mirror reflects is only the good and bad deeds done in one's life. As for the subtle changes in people's inner feelings and the authenticity of their feelings, they change rapidly. Therefore, some people, if only from the outside, can often give people the impression of being kind and kind, but inside, they hide a devil-like intention. These sins hidden deep in the heart can be seen by the mirror of the heart. The Mirror Officer in charge of the Heart Mirror will carefully observe and record the various phenomena in these people's hearts, and based on this, they will determine their guilt. So don't think that you have done a shameful thing, you will be fine if you don't tell others, there is a god on the head of three feet, any evil can't be covered up, and it will only lead to greater punishment! Asking yourself to be a good person from the heart is the law that people should abide by.



Speak English

In fact, a long time ago, we made a rule to speak English at ordinary times, but we did not take it seriously. This week, under the supervision of my uncle, we finally started to speak English. Although we were a little uncomfortable at first, we got used to it after a few hours. I find that speaking English in daily life is really helpful for learning English, it can remember a lot of words in a short time, because when we come across a word that we don't know how to say, we immediately look it up, so that in the situation With the help of , you can remember words more easily. I hope we can keep saying this, and I believe that our English will make great progress soon.

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