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PUA是Pick-up Artist的缩写,意思是搭讪艺术家。这个术语来源于美国,最早是用来形容那些通过心理学原理和社交技巧与女性建立良好关系的人。但是如今PUA已经跟过去完全不一样了,是指一种通过操控和控制女性来达到性目的及其他目的的技巧和策略的集合。这些技巧和策略通常包括使用恶意手段来追求女性、强迫对方做出决定、对她们进行恐吓、威胁、骚扰和侮辱等不道德的行为,对女性造成严重的心理和生理创伤。



In recent years, the word PUA has appeared most frequently on social media and the Internet, so what does this word mean?

PUA is the abbreviation of Pick-up Artist, which means pick up artist. The term originated in the United States, where it was first used to describe those who develop good relationships with women through psychological principles and social skills. But PUA is not what it used to be today, and refers to a collection of techniques and tactics used to manipulate and control women for sexual and other purposes. These techniques and tactics usually include the use of malicious means to pursue women, force the other party to make decisions, intimidate, threaten, harass and humiliate them and other immoral behaviors, causing serious psychological and physical trauma to women.

There are several reasons why there are so many PUAs. The popularity of social media: With the popularity of social media, more and more people communicate with others in this way, which makes it easier for PUAs to get in touch with potential "prey". The second is the human desire for the opposite sex: the desire for sex in human nature will induce people to use PUA to obtain the opposite sex more easily. The third is the lack of self-identity and wrong social concepts. A small number of men or women may feel lack of self-identity due to inferiority complex, loneliness and other reasons, so they mistakenly think that PUA can improve their status and influence in social situations power to participate in it. But all they get through PUA is a false sense of satisfaction. Fourth, lack of respect and moral awareness: Some people lack respect and moral awareness for others, and use PUA to satisfy their own desires without considering the feelings and rights of others.

In fact, any method itself is not a problem. The problem lies in whether the purpose of the user is for himself or for him. This is the most important thing.

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