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This week, I found something important when I was taking class. Because the previous courses were not special English courses, like civics and career study, and we need to write something in these courses, so that we would soon be confident in English writing. But after we have started to take real English class, that is ESL (English as a Second Language) course, I found that there are many things I need to improve. And I also need to read more English books and practice speaking and writing. This cases shows that we can never be too confident about anything, we should try to make some improvements to make the things better instead of block our way of improve by too confident.


This week, I found that reading is really interesting. I didn’t see reading as a important matter, and I didn’t read that much books. But the thing wasn’t like that after the books from China have been delivered. Somethings I would feel a little bit boring after finished watching all the movies, so that I would determine to read some books, and it would become more and more interesting. I also found a book which contains many logic challenging questions in the box. Reading can be a interesting thing that beneficial for knowledge understanding.

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