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Updated: Sep 3, 2022


这就像我们在日常中改正自己的习惯和不好的思想,这些看起来可能没有那么严重,但是汇集在一起就会给我们的人生带来毁灭性的影响。改正自己的问题就是为了让我们拥有更美好的未来,我一定会好好改自己的问题 !

When I went out to feed the birds one afternoon, it was very windy. I usually looked at the tall grass, but at this moment I was bent over by the blow. In early autumn, the wind was not very cold, but we still clasped our arms. The grass in her hand flutters in the wind. My sister said that when a butterfly flies across the sea, the little wind it picks up will blow towards the sea, forming a very small wave, which pushes the waves. Waves, small waves turn into big waves, and when they come to the sea, they may turn into a tornado. The small action of a butterfly flapping its wings can eventually affect a series of other big things. And the same is true of small bad habits. A child may find it fun to take other people's things from a young age, but if it is not stopped, a thief will be born.

It's like how we correct our habits and bad thoughts on a daily basis, which may not seem that serious, but together they can have devastating effects on our lives. Correcting my own problems is for us to have a better future, and I will definitely correct my own problems!

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