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Mid-term began on Monday and ended on Wednesday; afterwards, our courses stopped, but would continue next Tuesday. Mid-term evaluation’s content is interesting. No matter ENG4U or EWC 4U, we could choose genres and topics as we pleased though every genre had its own format. ENG4U asked us to write an article of at least 1000 words, and EWC4U required two of at least 300 words, after each of which we had a reflection article. For Grade 10, there was a task seeming to require a video from each student, in which one has to imagine their being interviewed when they are thirty.


Considering that we didn’t have many Chinese books in hand, uncle told Brother Hank to print some books for us. It had been said that, before long, the books back in Xi’an would be transported here. Among them, there were many Jin Yong’s books, most of which I had read, and many biographies, most of which I hadn’t read because of laziness. The book that made me most impressed was a novel called Animal’s Farm. I remember that on the first page, three words, Zhang Yihan, were written, which, according to Classmate Mountain’s saying then, was the name of a fellow student, whom he called Brother Bei and who had just graduated. After a while,I bought Nineteen Eighty-four. After I had read it enjoyably as I read Animal Farm, I put it on the bookcase with Animal Farm. This way, George Orwell’s two novels exist together in our bookcase. They may be read by one student later, who, knowing not what books to read, comes into them and whose feelings I wonder.

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