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今天去吃飯的時候我看到了門口有一只小松鼠,因為今天下雪了,松鼠不會像我們人一樣有衣服穿,所以松鼠凍的瑟瑟發抖,而且松鼠的背上好像受傷了,很可憐。其實換位思考一下,動物也是生命,動物也要生活,動物也有家庭,動物受傷也會疼。每天吃的肉也是動物身上的肉,人受傷掉了一塊小皮都疼的受不了,那麼換位思考一下動物掉了一大塊肉是什麼感覺呐?其實吃素和吃肉都可以吃飽。我們必須向叔叔, 虎哥和樂哥一樣,以後有了機會應該戒掉吃肉這個習慣。

Go lunch time l saw gate to have a squirrel for today, because snow for today, squirrel don’t like we people to have clothes wear, so squirrel freeze tremble, and that squirrel on the back have to like hurt , very poor. Actually perspective-taking think, Animal have life, too. Animal demand life, too. Animal have family, too. Animal hurted will to pain. Everyday eat meat is too animal body’s meat, people pain that dropped a piece skin all cannot stand sth, then perspective -taking think animal off a big piece of meat is any feel? Actually eat element and eat meat all can glut . We must be towards uncle , brother Tiger and brother Hu like , after have chance might cut out eat meat this habits.

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