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What do friends mean to people today? How many people now betray their friends for a little profit? Friends who share weal and woe with life and death like in ancient times are really rare. But these are reflected in the two ants. A big ant lay there motionless, with another smaller ant beside it, as if trying to move the big ant home. But I don't know if it's a body shape problem or it's stuck, and the big ant's body never moves. The little ant turned around in a hurry, and its two tentacles and forelimbs kept wiping its face, like a child wiping tears helplessly. Several times I saw it was about to give up, but when it left less than a centimeter, it turned back and continued to stick to the big ant. It was hard not to be moved. So I found a small object and gently moved the big ant's body. I was worried about hurting the big ant, so the whole process was very slow. The little ant seemed to see my motives, and it moved a little closer and touched my finger with its tentacles in thanks. In ancient times, Liu, Guan, and Zhang Taoyuan had three alliances, but today there are ants that never leave. In short, adversity sees the truth, and the animal world is amazing.

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