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这段时间的打球过程中, 我们在打团队配合的时候越来越有默契了。我们一般在跟别人打篮球的时候,都只是依靠自己的身体素质。现在我们在打篮球时,却既会运用自己的身体优势,也会注意团队配合。这样做就可以在最节省体力的情况下去轻松赢得比赛。

During this period of playing, we have become more and more tacit in our teamwork. When we play basketball with others, we rely on our own physical quality, so we have an advantage in physical confrontation. Now when we play basketball, we will not only use our physical advantages, but also pay attention to teamwork. By doing so, you can easily win the race with the least effort.

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